X live videos now on Spaces! Know what’s it about and how it works

X has been rolling out a number of new features over the last few months in its efforts to turn the platform into more than just being a microblogging website. With new features and offerings, the billionaire Elon Musk-backed app has looked to stay relevant among users. Now, X has introduced the live video feature in Spaces, enabling hosts to activate video during chat sessions. It has been introduced as just a new button from where the live host can share the video. There were several speculations about the Periscope service to make a comeback, however, the live video in Spaces is quite different. Know what the X live video feature is all about.

X live video in Spaces

According to X’s post, a user named DogeDesigner shared a demonstration of live video in Spaces which Musk later shared as part of an announcement. Within the Spaces feature, X only offered the live audio feature, however, users can also share live videos in the group chat. The live video allows the user to use a phone’s front or back-facing camera for their video feed.

This new feature only showcases the host’s video feed and users will have to join the Spaces session to watch the live. The Verge reported that the X live video in Spaces is only available for the app’s iOS version, therefore app users having Android and Windows cannot access this feature for now.

How to start live video in Spaces

  • According to the shared video, first users will have to long press the “+” button.
  • A few options will appear in front of users from where they can choose the Spaces icon.
  • Then the “Enable video” option can be selected to continue the live session.

Do note that X’s live video feature in Spaces is entirely different from the live broadcast feature.

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