Woman Finds Chicken In Veg Meal On Air India Flight, Company Responds

A passenger on an Air India flight from Calicut to Mumbai recently posted about an unpleasant experience onboard. Veera Jain took to X (formerly Twitter) to complain about the food served as part of the vegetarian meal she ordered. According to her post, she found chicken pieces in the dish. Tagging the flight company, she wrote, “I was served a veg meal with chicken pieces in it! I boarded the flight from Calicut airport. This was a flight that was supposed to take off at 6:40 pm but left the airport at 7:40 pm.” Along with pictures of the food and the chicken piece, she provided other details about the flight and seat numbers. Take a look at her post below.

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Furthermore, the passenger revealed that she complained to the flight staff and discovered that she was not the only person who faced this problem. She explained, “When I informed the cabin supervisor (Sona), she apologized and informed me that there was more than one complaint about the same issue other than me and my friend. However, after I informed the crew, there was no action taken to inform other passengers having vegetarian meals.”

The food was not the only aspect of the journey that made her slam Air India online. The delay also made matters worse, as the X user’s friend missed her train from Mumbai as a result. She asked the airline company “to take strict action on its catering services and delays” after her “highly disappointing experience”.

The X user has cautioned people to “Please check thoroughly what you consume on a flight. After two extremely delayed flights (Mum-Kozhikode on 4th Jan and return on 8th Jan) and non-veg served, I have lost trust in all of the airline food now.”

Air India has responded to her X post. They wrote, “Dear Ms Jain, we request you delete the asked details from the open tweet (to avoid misuse) and share the same with us via DM along with your PNR.”

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The X user also revealed that the airline company has apologised to her separately. She wrote, “For the issue raised, they have only given me apologies via DM. I don’t understand how it is not a realization for them that this is a case of hurting sentiments. Imagine not making the payment right when booking their flight and later just apologizing for it continuously.”

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