Why Banana Should Be A Part Of Your Pregnancy Diet? Expert Explains

Banana is possibly the most versatile fruit in the world of fruits. It is easy to eat, tastes sweet, and can be found across the globe throughout the year. That’s right! You will find bananas everywhere you travel. But what gives the fruit an additional edge are the rich nutrient profile and texture, making it a fulfilling meal by itself. However, the discourse around bananas is controversial. You will find a set of people swearing for its goodness, while some prefer avoiding it due to its sweetness and starchy texture. While we always recommend you consult an expert before adding any food ingredient to your diet, according to experts, bananas should of course be a part of your pregnancy diet.

What Makes Banana A Perfect Food During Pregnancy?

According to a post on the Instagram handle by a pregnancy consultant, who goes by the name ‘Mom and Baby care’, it is important to add bananas to your daily diet during pregnancy. Banana is enriched with folic acid, iron, and several essential vitamins that help boost your energy and the baby’s overall growth.

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5 Major Reasons To Make Banana A Part Of Your Pregnancy Diet:

1. Helps with morning sickness:

Waking up with a headache, acidity, etc is real. Hence, we must always try to look for ways to reduce the symptoms to make you feel fresh and good. According to the experts, bananas are full of B vitamins that have natural anti-nausea effects on pregnant women. In fact, adding bananas to your diet may help reduce the symptoms like morning sickness.

2. Manage blood pressure:

Banana is said to contain a generous amount of potassium, which is important to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. Pregnancy often leads to blood pressure fluctuation that can be averted with regular consumption of bananas.

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3. Improve hemoglobin levels:

Low iron levels have been a major problem for pregnant women. That is where banana comes in handy. The rich iron levels in bananas can help boost your energy levels and may often work as a natural iron supplement in your diet.

4. Aid baby’s brain development:

Vitamin B6, iron, and folic acid are considered important for brain health development. And guess what, a banana has it all! So include it in your diet and help aid your child’s brain health.

5. Reduce heartburn:

The constant feeling of acidity and heartburn can be off-putting. While the symptoms can’t be averted completely, bananas are said to keep the acidity levels in your esophagus and stomach down, giving you some relief.

So, if you are someone embracing motherhood, we suggest consulting your doctor and including bananas in your regular diet to stay healthy and nutritious.

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