White Onion, Red Onion, And Other Types Of Onions And Their Uses – All You Need To Know

Onions are truly wonderful. They add texture to your food, make it taste better, and when eaten raw, add the perfect crunch to your bite. Every culinary tradition around the world identifies onions as a staple in their recipes. But did you know there are different types of onions across the globe, and they have their unique uses? Sounds interesting? Each onion comes with a different taste and texture that adds to the uniqueness of each recipe. To help you understand your kitchen staple better, we found an expert note that everyone must keep handy. It has been shared by Chef Marcelo Mintz on his official Instagram handle. Let’s take you through.

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Here Are 6 Types of Onions and Their Uses:

1. White Onion:

As the name suggests, these onions are white in texture and have a mild, sweet flavor. Due to their reduced acidic nature, white onions make a great option to be enjoyed raw, in the form of salads, salsa, and more. You can also enjoy them in stir-fried foods.

2. Red Onion:

Commonly available in every kitchen pantry, red onions have a purple-ish colour and a milder flavour compared to white onions. These onions should always be enjoyed raw. You can also use them for pickling and add a sweet-sour flavor to your meal.

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3. Yellow Onion:

Another commonly available variety of onions, they have the strongest flavour in the lot. You can use these yellow onions for cooking and making gravies. You can also add them to soups and sauces.

4. Sweet Onion:

As the name suggests, it is sweet and adds a lovely flavor to your food. You can use it for frying and roasting with other vegetables. It adds crunch and flavour to the food.

5. Green Onion:

Often called spring onion, it is usually used as a garnishing element in your food. You can also toast and grill these onions and enjoy them as an accompaniment to your meal.

6. Shallot:

These are onion bulbs and have a delicate and subtle flavour. They can be used in light curries and soups. You can also use shallots as dressing or garnishing ingredients in your food.

So the next time you visit the market to buy onions, pick the right one to enhance the goodness of your dish. Enjoy your meal!

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