WhatsApp users may soon get greater control over their avatars; Know what is coming

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, is continuously rolling out new features to enhance the user experience on its messaging platform. One of the recent additions spotted in testing is a WhatsApp feature that allows users to transform any image into a sticker, adding another layer of personalization to chats. While this feature offers users more creative freedom, it also raises concerns about privacy. In response to these concerns, Meta seems to be addressing potential privacy issues with a new feature focused on avatars. According to reports from WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp beta for Android includes settings that give users control over who can use their avatar in stickers. Users will have the option to allow their contacts or selected contacts to use their avatar in stickers, or they can opt to prevent all users from using it in stickers altogether. This level of control empowers users to manage how their personal images are utilized within the app, offering greater privacy and security.

As Meta continues to refine WhatsApp’s features, it’s introducing seemingly minor yet impactful changes. For example, the beta version recently integrated Unicode 15.1 emojis into the app’s keyboard, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, rumors suggest that Meta is exploring the possibility of allowing messages from third-party instant messaging services on WhatsApp, signaling a potential shift towards greater interoperability.

However, the extent to which Meta will pursue interoperability remains uncertain, and not all features seen in beta testing make it to the official app. While some changes, such as interoperability, could significantly benefit users, Meta may prioritize other developments based on user feedback and strategic goals. Nonetheless, monitoring beta testing provides valuable insights into potential future updates for WhatsApp users.

Meta’s ongoing efforts to improve WhatsApp’s features include addressing privacy concerns related to avatars and exploring opportunities for greater interoperability with other messaging services. While the outcomes of these developments are uncertain, users can expect continued enhancements to their messaging experience on the platform. With Meta’s commitment to innovation, WhatsApp remains at the forefront of secure and user-friendly messaging apps.

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