WhatsApp Channels rolls out new features! Send voice messages, polls, and more

WhatsApp Channel was one of the biggest highlights for Meta platforms last year and a huge number of users quickly took to it. Now, WhatsApp is rolling out more intuitive features to make Channels interactive for admins and followers. However, these features were already revealed before and now, it looks like they may be starting to roll out for users. The biggest change of the upcoming update would be a new interface for channel content shared as a status update. Know more about the upcoming WhatsApp Channels features.

WhatsApp Channels features

WhatsApp is rolling out new features to Channels such as voice messages, polls, adding up to 15 additional admins, and a new interface for Channel updates. Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny first spotted the voice messages feature through which admins will be able to share voice notes. Additionally, Channels will allow admins to share polls for different topics and opinions just like we do on LinkedIn or Telegram to gather the opinions of our followers.

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The new WhatsApp Channels feature also includes sharing Channel updates as their status just like we share posts on our Instagram stories. These features are reported to be rolling out worldwide, therefore, you may see this feature on your smartphones very soon. Wabetainfo also reported the new interface for Channel updates to status, which will eventually improve the user experience and Meta’s commitment to make their platform more interactive and useful to its users.

How to share WhatsApp Channel updates to status?

According to reports, to share a Channel update to WhatsApp status, users just have to use the forward feature which they use for sharing messages to other people or groups. As of now, it is unclear how the sharing feature exactly works but it is sure that it may soon be appearing on your smartphone with an app update.

WhatsApp Channel has been slow in bringing updates, however, now it seems like the above-mentioned feature will enhance the user experience in various ways, especially in terms of interactions.

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