WEF 2024: Sam Altman and Satya Nadella highlight the future impact of AI

The World Economic Forum (WEF 2024) at Davos has been going on with full force with various tech CEOs attending the event including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. On Tuesday Altman discussed about the future of AI and said it was an energy guzzler and that its future would be secure only if we get an energy breakthrough. Additionally, Microsofit’s Satya Nadella also talked about the impact of AI in science. Know what the two tech giants said about Artificial intelligence (AI).

Sam Altman and Satya Nadella at Davos

The WEF 2024 commenced on January 15, 2024, and on the second day the most known faces of the tech industry, Sam Altman and Satya Nadella highlighted what the future of AI would look like. While we talk about AI, currently it’s in its very initial stages and more of its capabilities are yet to be explored, they indicated. With that being said, Altman highlighted that “future AI depends on energy breakthrough” Focussing on energy use by AI machines is very crucial as the technology will consume vast amounts and this may well impact climate in the near future.

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However, Altman also provided an energy and climate-friendly solution, and that would be the use of nuclear fusion and solar energy, this in itself would be a big step forward for AI, Reuters reported

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella also said we will be seeing the use of AI more in the science sector. Nadella said science is a crucial sector where we will experience the “real acceleration.”

Nadella added, “What AI will do to science is probably the most interesting thing to me because, in fact, just last week, we announced, something, I sort of felt this can be done. I did not understand how this could be done. So, we took one of our models called Matogen which is sort of a generative model to generate new molecules and material.” ANI quoted

The transformation in the tech sector has resulted in the development of various tools integrated with AI in the field of science, giving medical practitioners a way to treat diseases more quickly. Therefore, in the near future, we will be seeing more of AI in the science sector, he indicated.

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