Watch: Woman Uses Threads To Flip Omelette, Internet Says “RIP Cooking”

Omelettes make for one of the most popular staple breakfast dishes enjoyed all over the world. The recipe for this dish is quite simple: break the eggs, add salt and other spices, along with some chopped vegetables, and give it a fine mix. Put the mixture on a griddle and cook it on both sides. However, problems often arise when it’s time to flip the omelette; it can break or stick to the griddle. A new video making the rounds on Instagram shows a quick and easy way to solve these issues. In the video, a woman takes two pieces of long threads, puts them in a cross-shaped pattern on the griddle, and then pours the batter on the griddle. Once the omelette is cooked on one side, she doesn’t use a ladle to flip the dish. Instead, she pulls it up using the threads and then flips it. Once the omelette is perfectly cooked, she removes the threads from it. Take a look at the video below:  
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In just a week, the video garnered 53 million views on Instagram. Thousands of viewers left hilarious reactions in the comment section. A user wrote, “Found a solution without a problem.” Another one added, “So intelligent aunty but don’t do it again.” Someone joked, “Didi aapko toh NASA waale log khoj rahe hain aap kaha the itne din [People from NASA are looking for you. Where have you been for so many days?] “You have lots of hidden talent, please keep it hidden,” echoed a few. A satirical comment read, “Kitne tejaswi log hai humare paas [We have so many brilliant people.]” “I thought that was for dividing into 4 pieces,” read a comment. Many said, “Rip cooking.”

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