Watch: Video Showing Making Of Wheat Murmure Goes Viral, Internet Reacts

When it comes to Indian street food, bhel puri stands out as an iconic delight enjoyed by people of all ages. Puffed rice, known as murmure, is a key ingredient in this snack. As a versatile ingredient that can be consumed on its own, mixed in bhel puri, or as part of namkeen dishes, murmure holds a special place in the hearts of desi foodies. Surprisingly, a new type of murmure – wheat murmure – has also made its way into the market. A recent Instagram video sheds light on the making of this variant, claiming it to be a healthier version of the snack. However, the internet is far from pleased with this preparation.
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The video begins with a substantial quantity of wheat grains being fried in palm oil within a giant wok. The background audio discloses that before frying, the wheat grains undergo a high-temperature and pressure-cooking process using water steam. Post-steaming, the grains are deep-fried and subsequently coated in a special masala. The final product is then packed and prepared for market distribution. The caption of the video reads, “Wheat murmure exists! Did you know?” Take a look at the video below:

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After watching the video, many people expressed their disapproval in the comment section. A user wrote, “Sorry, but you are either stupid or being paid to report nonsense! Anything – I mean, anything – deep-fried is NOT HEALTHY! Simple! If you are not aware of this simple fact, you are not fit to report on anything food-related!” Another one added, “Palm oil is the worst for health.” “Palm oil is cancerous!” a few echoed. Someone said, “Chawal ke murmure fry nahi hote [Rice puffs are not fried.]” A person penned, “Palm oil mein jo bhi banta hai vo healthy nahi hota [Whatever is made in palm oil cannot be considered healthy.]” “Bro, the oil is darker than crude oil,” read a comment.

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