Watch: Video Of Jaggery Making Process Sparks Hygiene Debate On Internet

In India, the love for sweets is deeply ingrained in the culinary culture, and a popular alternative to sugar is jaggery. Unlike refined sugar, jaggery is less processed, ensuring it retains essential minerals and vitamins. This natural sweetener is not only a flavourful addition to Indian cuisine but also boasts potential health benefits. Packed with antioxidants and minerals, jaggery is considered a wholesome ingredient to add a touch of sweetness to dishes. Jaggery is made by concentrating sugarcane juice or palm sap, retaining its rich, earthy flavour. A food page on Instagram “foodiesfab_india” has shared a video of the process of jaggery production from sugarcane in factories. The clip has left the internet worrying about the hygiene factor.

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In the clip, we see factory workers machine-crushing sugarcane to extract its juice. The juice is then boiled and stirred until it thickens and forms crystals. They then add food colouring to the liquid to enhance the colour. The concentrated sugarcane mixture is then left to cool and solidify, resulting in the creation of unrefined, brownish jaggery. Workers then hand-mould the jaggery before allowing it to dry, followed by packaging the moulded jaggery into boxes.

Watch the video here: 

The viral video has attracted a lot of views and comments. While some are worried about hygiene, others are praising the hard work of the factory workers.

One user commented, “Great respect for these people who work so hard for such little pay.”

Another commented, “Is this for human consumption?”

“I don’t know how many times I puked,” a comment read, while someone stated, “Why add some colours? It’s not healthy for our bodies.”

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However, there were a few who backed this process. A user commented, “After eating jaggery of this quality, my grandfather is 93 years old and still does not wear spectacles and even today he walks 1 mile in the field.”

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