Watch: This Woman Is Making Maggi Cake Without Maggi! Internet Is Loving It

If you want to bring a smile to a foodie’s face, Maggi is the quickest solution. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys the two-minute noodles. According to preferences, we all have our favourite variations, including soupy Maggi, tadka Maggi, vegetable Maggi, cheese Maggi, and so on. However, even the humble Maggi is not spared in the current world of food experiments. We have all seen videos of bizarre combinations like Milk Maggi, Maggi Paratha, Fanta Maggi, and even Whisky Maggi. And guess what the new addition is? Maggi cake. Yes, you read that right. Before you think someone is trying to put Maggi in a cake, let us save you from the trauma. The dish is actually about how to make a cake that looks like a bowl full of Maggi.
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In the Instagram video posted on the handle ‘gokul_kitchen’, the chef/baker is seen applying icing to a cake. The cake, resting on a stand, takes the form of a bowl with a stick inserted into it, connected to a fork. Using yellow icing from a piping bag, the baker skillfully crafts a Maggi-like design on the cake. She covers the fork and the sides of the bowl, creating the illusion of a bowl filled with Maggi being lifted by a fork.
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The caption of the video reads, “BAAP RE BAAP Maggie Cake 1 Min me [Oh my god! Maggi cake in one minute]”

Take a look at the video below:

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After watching the creative cake, people could not help but appreciate the baker in the comment section.

A user wrote, “Wow, very creative…I am also a big fan of Maggie.” 

Another added, “Hai to bht pyara bt iski packing kaisi ki hogi aapne [This looks very good. But how did you pack it?]”

“Aapne saath me chamach de diya [You gave a fork with the cake],” read a comment.

“Which frosting is this? Is it fresh cream or buttercream?” questioned a few.

Will you give this Maggi cake a try in your kitchen?

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