Watch: This Rajasthani Dish Made From Leftover Chapati Is Breaking The Internet!

When it comes to transforming leftovers into dishes, Indians take the top spot. Whether it’s turning leftover chicken into flavorful biryani, repurposing chapati into a desi pizza, or crafting stuffed parathas with leftover sabzis, the creativity in Indian kitchens knows no bounds. Let us all agree that dishes created from leftovers often surpass the original ones in taste. A video making rounds on the internet showcases a traditional recipe that adds another gem to this culinary creation – introducing “chandan chakori,” a Rajasthani sabzi made using leftover chapati. Yes, you read that correctly. In the video, a woman dressed in traditional attire prepares this dish within a picturesque village-like setting.
The video begins with the woman using a traditional hand grinder to meticulously grind garlic cloves. After that, on a pan set atop the traditional chulha, she pours some oil and adds the freshly ground garlic to initiate the tadka. Chopped onions, green chillies, and tomatoes join the aromatic mix. The spices, including turmeric and garam masala, are then incorporated. Once the ingredients are well-cooked, she introduces buttermilk to the tadka. In the next step, the woman uses a thread to neatly divide the rotis into four equal parts. Following this, she breaks the rotis into smaller pieces before adding them to the buttermilk sabzi. The final touch involves plating the dish, garnishing it with finely chopped coriander, and serving it with a spoon.
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Take a look at the video below:

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After watching the video, many people showed appreciation in the comment section.
A user wrote, “Dekha kar khane ka man karne laga nice. [After seeing the food, I started feeling like eating.]”
Another added, “This has been one of my favourite things to eat. Mommy bachpan se khila rahi h ye banaake. [My mom has been cooking this since childhood.]”
“Literally, it’s very delicious and no wastage of food.” read a comment
On the contrary, some were not pleased after watching the video.
A person said, “Chiii ye koi kaise kha sakta hai. [Eww, how can anyone eat this?]”
Someone wrote, “Isse acha to koi dhang ki sabzi banake basi roti k sath khalo. [It’s better to have a well-cooked vegetable with some fresh roti than this.]”
Bhookha mar jaounga par ise nahin khaunga. [I’d rather starve than eat this.],” echoed a few.
Will you ever recreate this dish in your kitchen?

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