Watch: This One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Recipe Will Blow Your Mind!

Nothing beats a good chocolate mousse — it should be light and airy in texture, with an intense chocolatey flavour. If you are craving a chocolate dessert, you don’t need to go out or order from outside. You can quickly make a mousse at home, without needing any eggs, cream, or sugar. Here is a ‘one-ingredient Chocolate mousse’ recipe that has gone viral on social media. The recipe is shared by digital creator and dessert enthusiast Giorgia Paino, and the recipe video has more than 8 million views. Watch the reel here:

Excited to try this quick and creamy mousse at home? Read on to learn how to make it perfectly:

One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Recipe | How To Make One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

To make this Chocolate Mousse, all you need is 175 gm of good-quality dark chocolate chips and 400 ml of cold water. Blend the chocolate chips with water in a mixer for about 3 to 4 minutes. Make sure it blends well to achieve a creamy and airy texture. Pour the mixture into a big bowl and let it rest in the fridge for one whole day. You might be too excited to try it immediately, but it is important to let it rest in the fridge to get the desired texture.
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How People Are Reacting To This Viral Mousse Recipe:

Chocolate lovers on the internet loved this quick and fuss-free recipe.

“Guys, I just tried it and it does work very well; it tastes good and gets a good texture, the only problem is that you gotta wait a whole day in the fridge to eat it because it’s delicious,” a social media user commented.

Here is an interesting cooking question a user asked, “After the mixer, should it be boiled? Or only fridge for a whole day?” The video creator explained, “You don’t need to cook at all, cold water! Once you mix, just pour it into a mug and refrigerate.”
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Some users also asked in the comments why water is not counted as an ingredient. “In pastry making, water is not considered an ingredient,” Giorgia Paino replied.

The best part about this recipe is that you only need water and chocolate to make this mousse. The downside is that you will have to patiently wait for a day to be able to eat it. Will you try this ‘one-ingredient Chocolate mousse’? Tell us in the comments.

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