Watch: Padma Lakshmi Whips Up A Mouthwatering Sandwich Using Leftovers In Seconds

If you follow popular TV host and producer Padma Lakshmi, you will know about her love and passion for food. She was the host of the popular US food competition series ‘Top Chef’ for 19 seasons and is the host and executive producer of the Hulu series ‘Taste the Nation.’ While the food in the TV shows may sound fancy, Padma Lakshmi also knows how to make a simple and delicious sandwich for lunch at home, using leftovers. Taking to her Instagram handle, the author and model shared a video in which she makes a yummy-looking sandwich for lunch. Want to know what all went in? Let’s take a look.
“It’s leftover lunchtime,” Padma Lakshmi says as she starts the video. First, she puts some ghee in a pan. Then she puts a slice of bread and spreads some red pesto on it. She tops it with sauteed mushrooms “from the other day when we had mushroom tacos.” The next thing that goes in the sandwich is “very hot” minced green chilli from a previous ‘chaatchos’ recipe (Indian chaat-inspired nachos). She finishes the toppings by adding some grated cheddar cheese and Salame calabrese.

Taking the other slice of bread, she spreads some black olive tapenade (a spread made using olives, capers, garlic, anchovies, lemon, and olive oil). “It’s gonna have that brininess,” she says. She puts this other bread over the sandwich and cooks from both sides. Padma Lakshmi adds, “I try to make sure I have something spicy, something fatty, something vegetal, and something with a little tartness to it like a pickle. So just a little bit of everything, but not too much because it can get overbearing.”
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Once the sandwich is cooked and golden brown from both sides, she moves it to a chopping board, slices it into two halves, and enjoys the yummy-looking sandwich. In the caption, she wrote, “Another day, another leftover sandwich. Delicious!” At the end of the video, she adds, “Never made it to the plate.”
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