Watch: “Moye Moye Omelette” Featuring Parle-G Biscuits Has Left Foodies Disappointed

As internet users, we are no strangers to the wild world of bizarre food combinations. While some are a match made in heaven, others result in a culinary car crash. We have classics like peanut butter and jelly avocado toast, as well as some weirdly amazing combos like fries and ice cream. Speaking of such questionable choices, a street vendor recently decided to make an omelette with a twist – featuring the unlikely pairing of eggs and Parle-G biscuits! The fusion, coined the ‘Moye Moye’ omelette, took the internet by storm after a food vlogger filmed the preparation. However, people were not quite impressed with this unique creation.
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The vendor cracked two eggs into a bowl, added finely diced onions, salt, and turmeric powder, and started whisking the mixture. Afterward, he poured the egg blend onto a buttered pan, spreading it evenly. Surprisingly, he then took a pack of Parle-G biscuits and arranged them methodically on top of the omelette, covering the entire egg layer. Following this, he added cheese atop the layer of biscuits and allowed it to melt. Finally, he folded the omelette and served this unique food combination, accompanied by a pack of Parle-G biscuits. Watch the video here:

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This bizarre food combo stirred quite a reaction, with some going as far as to say they would “prefer to die than eat it.” One user wrote, “Parle-G be like: meri shaktiyon ka galat istemaal ho raha hai [Parle-G be like: My powers are being misused].” Another said, “It’s not his fault. If someone has to be blamed, it’s the food vloggers who visit them.” Someone added, “Woh Parle-G wali bachi ka bhi smile change ho gaya packet mein [That Parle-G girl’s smile also changed in the packet],” while others commented with, “Rip omelette.” “Parle-G sorry bro we could not save you,” read a comment.

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