Watch: Gordon Ramsays Mother Disapproves Of His Undercooked Pie, Calls It “Titanic”

On the occasion of Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay wished his mum with a special throwback video. Well, the clip has grabbed the internet’s attention. Why? The video shows Gordon Ramsay’s mother being critical of his pie, which he cooked along with her. This comes as a big surprise as the restaurateur has always been tough to impress. The world is well aware that every time Gordon Ramsay makes a guest appearance on a cooking show, he often leaves contestants teary-eyed with his reviews. Guess what? The chef seemed to get his critical punchlines from his mother, who called his pie “Titanic,” as it was undercooked from the middle and immediately sank.
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The video begins with Gordon Ramsay commenting on the pie cooked by his mother. He says, “Yours looks nice but doesn’t blow me away.” This is when his mother interrupts and points at the pie cooked by him. She asks, “Is it cooked in the middle?” After listening to his mother’s question, the chef performs a spoon test. Gordon Ramsay says, “Oh, it’s not actually. Alright, smile. How do you know that it wasn’t cooked in the middle?” His mother replies, “From my angle, you can see it sinking in the middle. Titanic,” and bursts into laughter. Sharing the clip, he wrote, “It’s Mother’s Day in the UK and wishing the happiest day to my mum…who’s never afraid to tell me when my pie is undercooked! Love you, mum.” Take a look:

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Needless to say, the internet was surprised to witness that his mother still teaches Gordon Ramsay how to cook. A comment read, “Your mom can still teach you things! Humbling, isn’t it!” A user said, “‘Titanic’… I see where you get your punchlines from.” Referring to his comments on a cooking show, another comment read, “It’s raw, Gordon!” “He still makes mistakes… that are so human and sweet… and make him greater as a chef… we are learning our entire lives,” commented another user. A user joked, “I can imagine Gordon Ramsay screaming at himself in his mind when he saw the sinking pie.”

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