Watch: Desi Family Enjoys Home-Cooked “3-Course Meal On Train,” Internet Is Divided

A home-cooked meal is nourishment for the soul, and when travelling, it brings even greater contentment. Doesn’t it? If you’re wondering why we’re discussing home-cooked meals and long journeys, we have some exciting news for you. Recently, a video showcasing a family enjoying a “3-course meal on a train” went viral on social media, and we could completely relate to it. The clip features six family members savouring their meals served in disposable utensils. What’s on the menu, you ask? We could spot parathas paired with a dry sabzi and a side of pickle. Additionally, they packed what seems to be stir-fried masala rice and flavourful pickle. The video was shared by a user on Instagram with the caption, “Trust me, the food we have on the train tastes good with all the family members. The most important thing is that we pack the 3-course meal for our train journey.” The text on the clip humorously reads, “Nothing, just an Indian family having a 3-course meal on a train.” Take a look:
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After watching the video, several users in the comments section confessed that they could relate to it. One comment read, “My family also does this. Three compulsory courses: poori, aloo ki sukhi sabzi and achaar.” Another comment mentioned, “We take 2-time meals with us, and since it can’t be fresh overnight due to heat, for breakfast we are dependent on IRCTC.” “Even Keralites do it, my mom always had at least 3 different meals packed for train journeys,” revealed a user. Some claimed that enjoying a meal with family on the train is the best travel memory for them, as another user commented, “Best travel memories I have and the best food you can ever have. I miss those days.”
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One user also pondered, “Why does home food on a train always taste better?” Some expressed concerns that such activities could contribute to littering on trains. A user commented, “The reason why trains are so dirty is that most people use oily hands all around.” Another user remarked, “That’s the reason I prefer train journeys only for overnight travel. These people even fill the dustbin after having food. Why can’t people adjust for a single day?” A different user claimed, “Then they proceed to throw the plates and plastics under the seats or on the ground.”

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