Watch: Chef Makes Unique Ramen Fried Chicken – Video Goes Viral

Ramen and fried chicken are two classics that we just can’t get enough of. The comforting warmth of a steaming bowl of ramen noodles has the power to soothe the soul, and the crispy, golden perfection of fried chicken is a universal symbol of satisfaction. Ever wondered what would happen if these two classics joined forces? Well, a chef recently answered that question with a video showcasing the creation of ‘ramen fried chicken’, and we are totally hooked. The crispy goodness of fried chicken meets the comfort of ramen noodles in a mouth-watering fusion that has us all buzzing with excitement.
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In his Instagram video, the chef shared the secrets to his ramen fried chicken, a fusion that is as inventive as it is delicious. The key ingredients include at least three packs of spicy noodles, four chicken breasts, frying oil, and pickle juice. The process involves brining the chicken strips in pickle juice for an hour, followed by a coating of flour, egg, and crushed-up noodles. The magic happens after a sizzling fry in 375°F oil, achieving the perfect golden brown and crispy texture with an internal temperature of 165°F. Next, the chicken gets coated in a mix of hot oil and spicy noodle sauce, delivering a kick we can’t resist. The chef topped it off with a sprinkle of crunchy goodness. Watch the full video here:

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The video has gone viral, and people are absolutely loving this creation. One user declared, “That’s a sonic boom crunch!” Another said, “I would try this for sure. I remember just trying an alternative like coconut flakes… added something different for sure. Good-looking grub.” Others stated, “This looks amazing,” while a comment read, “Send that my way.” A user said, “I love ramen enough to make this,” while someone reminisced, “Will be trying asap, loved having raw ramen as a kid.”

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