Wait, What? Mayo in Cake and Chips in Candy?! 5 Desserts That Break All the Rules!

When exploring food on social media, you will find delicious recipes, weight loss diets, restaurant recommendations, and sneak peeks into what your favourite celebrities are eating. There is one more category of the food world that is the fastest to go viral on our feeds and DMs: videos of bizarre, experimental foods. From ice cream topped on dosa to dosa beaten and turned into ice cream, the world of bizarre food combinations is ever-growing and grabbing everyone’s attention. These weird food trends may be transient, with one new bizarre idea replacing another in a matter of a few days.

However, some genuine food recipes are prepared using a ‘shocking’ ingredient. This is common in the world of desserts. If you think all desserts are made with sugar, cream, chocolate, caramel, fruits, and cake, these desserts will leave you surprised.

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Here Are 5 Desserts That Break All the Rules:

1. Mayonnaise Cake

This is not a bizarre, weird-tasting, experimental recipe. Yes, your favourite mayonnaise can exist beyond sandwiches, salads, and dips and even make a decent chocolate cake. To make the mayo cake batter, combine water, mayonnaise, and vanilla as the wet ingredients, and slowly mix in the dry ingredients combined: flour, sugar, cocoa, and baking soda. Bake, add the frosting of your choice, and enjoy! This cake is moist and has a light chocolate taste.

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2. Potato Chips Candy

Potato chips are perfect for snacking on every occasion and can also make a delicious sweet-and-salty snack. All you need to do is melt white chocolate and mix in crushed plain or lightly salted potato chips. Scoop out clusters of this mix, set on parchment paper, and refrigerate. Enjoy!

3. Paprika Ice Cream

If you love all things spicy, try this dark chocolate ice cream with paprika that is sweet and also has a hint of paprika. Follow your regular chocolate ice cream recipe and whisk a little paprika with your eggs to add this twist.

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4. Bacon Cookie

Your beloved bacon has made its way into a bacon cookie recipe. To make this cookie, add bacon to your regular cookie batter and top it with a cheesecake layer. People who like sweet and savoury combinations may like this cookie.

5. Chow Mein Noodles Dessert

Did you know noodles can be used not just for a chilly-spicy experience but for something sweet? Mix plain Chow Mein noodles with melted peanut butter and set it in the refrigerator for a quick and crunchy dessert.

Have you tried any other bizarre ingredient dessert? Tell us in the comments.

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