Wait, What? Man Cuts Papaya Instead Of Cake On His Birthday

No celebration is complete without cakes. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or any grand event, this sweet treat makes every occasion extra special. In present times, there are a variety of options such as hyper-realistic cakes, tiered cakes, and even prank cakes. But have you ever seen someone replacing the cake and cutting a fruit on their birthday? Well, this may sound unconventional, but a viral video on Instagram shows a man cutting a papaya on his birthday, surrounded by his family.

The caption of the birthday “fruit-cutting” ceremony read, “Organic Fruit cake. Happy birthday dear Ajay. Stay blessed abundantly.”
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In the video, we can see the entire birthday setup with bunting banners and balloons. However, instead of the usual cake, there is a large papaya placed in a plate on the table. Everyone sings the “Happy Birthday” song, as the man can be seen happily cutting the fruit.

The video has clocked 4.5 million views. Many people shared their reactions in the comment section.

A user wrote, “This is far better than unhealthy cake , this is good.” An Instagrammer joked, “Isliye tere birthday pe nhi aya bhai sorry [That is why I did not come to your birthday celebration. Sorry.]” A comment read, “You can sense disappointment in their voice.”
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“I thought it’s hyper realistic cake,” one wrote. Another wrote, “Actually much healthier…. I might copy.” A user said, “Fruit katwane ka accha hack hai [Such a smart way to get the fruits cut.]”

Do you like this idea of replacing the birthday cake with a fruit? Share your views in the comments section.

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