Viral Video: Woman Sets Up A Huge Taco Fountain At Home

Don’t consider yourself a die-hard taco lover if you can’t make a giant taco fountain for your favourite Mexican snack. Sounds unreal? Wait before you see this Instagram video of a family filling a huge three-tiered fountain with loads of crispy tacos and a range of slurpy condiments. A social media user, going by the name The Daily Nelly (@thedailynelly), recently shared a video where she surprised her mother by setting up an enormous taco fountain at her house. A little help from her father was all she needed to possibly churn out the best reaction from her mother. 

The clip opens with the father and daughter moving a table to organise the fountain. Bringing the separated tiers of the fountain, one by one, the duo placed the three pieces in an orderly manner. The largest one was kept at the bottom, followed by the next in size while the comparatively smaller piece was put on the top. Huge packets of tortilla strips were poured into the lowermost bowl. 

An aluminium foil strip was spread out in the second layer, where a bucket of gooey cheese, delicious meat chunks, and some green veggies were added. Next came the spicy salsa sauce drizzled on the topmost layer into an aluminium foil, followed by a stack of plates on a wooden platform. Once the woman’s mother entered through the door, she was treated to the culinary surprise and enjoyed a plate of the lip-smacking snack.
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“Her reaction says it all,” read the caption. The viral video has more than 2 million views.
Internet users in general were not particularly impressed by the taco fountain and reacted to the post quite disapprovingly. “Cold meat and coagulated cheese? No thanks,” wrote a user. Many found the OTT taco preparation to be a “waste of food”. An individual stated, “Tacos have to be hot, fresh food nothing from a can.” Another said, “That doesn’t look clean.”
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An Instagrammer opined, “I would do something like this but on a smaller scale.”
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