Viral Video: Watch How Japanese Dessert Lovers Are Elevating Ice Cream With Edible Flowers

Japanese food stands out for creativity and aesthetic value. We landed on something new and exciting in the world of Japanese desserts — edible flower ice cream that is almost too pretty to eat! Most people are familiar with roses being carved out of whipped cream and placed on top of cakes, but now ice-cream makers in Japan are taking their edible art game to the next level. For this dessert, they carve gorgeous roses and small leaves from ice cream, right in front of your eyes. 

This ice cream trending on social media is served at the ‘(THISIS) SHIZEN’ cafe in Kyoto, Japan. The viral video, which has amassed more than 3 million views, features an ice cream bouquet with beautiful edible flowers. You can see three real-like roses on a cone — in colours red, blue and yellow. The gap between the flowers is filled with beautiful, tiny green leaves that are also made from ice cream. For this ice cream cone, you can choose up to 3 different colors for the flowers, which are crafted on top of vanilla ice cream and puffed rice. As seen in the video, these flowers are shaped out of a piping bag and the customers get both a visual and sweet treat.  

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What Does This Ice Cream Taste Like? 

These roses are made using red bean paste mixed with vanilla ice cream. If you like the flavour of these ingredients, you will enjoy this ice cream as well. For the unversed, Japanese sweet red bean paste is made from azuki beans and is the most common filling used in many traditional Japanese confectionery and pastries. The taste of this paste is similar to that of a cooked sweet potato. 

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Other Japanese Ice Creams That Are Viral 

This bouquet of ice cream is not the first Japanese ice cream to go viral on social media. One of the most popular Japanese ice creams is the Matcha ice cream, which is made by combining ice cream with matcha — a finely ground powder made from specially-grown green tea leaves. While the dessert is enjoyed by many, things go south in this hilarious video, in which people eat the ice cream coated with lots of matcha powder: 

Another viral ice cream combo from a Japanese restaurant was the Ramen soup with ice cream, in which a sweet and spicy Ramen was served with a whole soft-serve cone dunked in. Watch the video here: 

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