Viral Video Shows Bridegrooms Car Covered In Chips Packets, Internet Reacts

Unconventional wedding decisions often go viral, grabbing eyeballs by their departure from general practices and traditions. Recently, a video showing a bizarre decoration decision caught the interest of Instagram users. The now-viral reel shows a bridegroom’s car covered not with flowers or typical motifs, but packets of chips. Yes, you read that right! In the reel, one can watch the wedding vehicle approaching the person holding the camera. Many people are standing in the field around it.

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As the car comes closer to the lens, one can more distinctly make out the variety of chips and snack packets attached to the car. The columns of the packets are joined to each other – in the same way as one may see them hanging in local stores. There are a few flowers near the windshield. However, they are not the dominant decoration. The reel was shared by Instagram user Satyapal Yadav. The exact location is unspecified. Watch the complete clip below.

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The reel has received 77 million views so far. Although the video was first shared several weeks back, it has continued to make the rounds online. In the comments, Instagram users had a lot to say about the unusual decoration of the vehicle. They speculated about whether the groom owned a grocery store. Others made fun of the unusual nature of this baraat. Swiggy Instamart commented, “Bro literally went like ab batao chips kaun mang rahi thi?” [“Bro literally went like, ‘Now tell me who was asking for chips’?”]

Check out some of the other reactions below:

“Bro got a 5-star safety rating.”

“Bro is enhancing the build quality of the car because it is Suzuki.”

“Jab chips flowers se sasti mil jaye.” [“When chips turn out to be cheaper than flowers”.]

“Ye toh puri dukan hi lekar ja raha hai.” [“This person is taking an entire shop along with him.”]

“Urfi’s new car.”

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