Viral Video: Russian Girl Selling Vegetables In India Has Internets Attention

Foreigners are often seen trying different types of foods on Indian streets. Recently, a video of a Russian girl went viral in which she was seen trying her hand at selling vegetables. She approached a vendor selling potatoes and onions, expressing her interest in wanting to sell the produce. In a cute Russian accent, she said, “Sabzi bechna sikhao [Teach me how to sell vegetables].” Surprisingly, the vendor agreed, and the duo spent the day selling the vegetables and engaging with customers. The girl, who was named Marie, enthusiastically channels Nana Patekar from the movie ‘Welcome’, repeating the popular dialogue: “Aloo lelo,” “kaanda lelo.” And guess what? It worked! When a customer showed up, she greeted him with a smile and sold him some potatoes he had handpicked. 
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Later, the vendor took the initiative to teach Marie another iconic line from the movie: “Subah se na ek aloo bika hai, na bika hai aadha kaanda [Neither a single potato nor half an onion has been sold since morning],” which she quickly mastered. Soon after, a new customer arrived, ready to haggle. When Marie asked the shop owner if they could give a discount, he declined. She turned to the customer and sweetly told her, “My boss said no.” The customer grabbed some onions, had a quick chat with Marie, and left the store. The entire experience proved to be thrilling for Marie. 

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Russian kudi aate hi sabne kharida kaanda [Everyone bought onions as soon as the Russian girl arrived],” she wrote on Instagram, narrating and sharing the entire experience of her day as a vegetable vendor in the Indian market. “Namaste dosto. First of all, let me paint you a picture of my workplace. The market is a chaotic place, with people rushing all around, honking cars, and the occasional cow blocking the way. It’s a symphony of chaos that I have come to love. But the funniest part has to be the bargaining game with customers. You see, in India, bargaining is a way of life. If you’re not haggling over the price, are you even buying anything? So here I am, trying to sell my vegetables at a reasonable price while customers relentlessly try to bring the price down. Sometimes they even start speaking in English, thinking it will intimidate me. But little do they know, I am a master of the bargaining game. Should I leave Instagram to sell vegetables?” she concluded playfully. 
The video has gone viral, and people have flooded the comments section. Another added, “How many times will you win the same heart?” “It is amazing, dear! You fit in everywhere,” someone claimed. While someone playfully commented, “Someone marry her; she likes India very much.”

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