Viral Video: Mans “Classy” Idea For Candlelit In-Flight Meal Wins Hearts Online

What is your idea of a perfectly dreamy date night? Does it involve a candlelight dinner featuring delicious foods? If yes, you might approve of a viral video currently taking the internet by storm. Shared by Instagram user Shelbi Anderson, the reel shows how her husband came up with an intimate date plan for himself on a flight. Shelbi revealed that her husband Colin wanted to fly classy so he brought a little picnic of his own on-board. The now-viral video begins with a text that reads, “My husband wanted to fly classy. So he brought this onto the plane…” The video shows Colin preparing his tray table, which he first covered with a white sheet. We can see a mini charcuterie board kept on top of the tray table.

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Colin surely wants his me-time to turn out perfectly, as he even got his own name tag. Then he can be seen filling the charcuterie board with sliced salami, tiny cheese cubes, sliced pickles, kept next to what looks like crackers and some dip. Next, the clip shows him preparing a little cracker sandwich. Oh, don’t miss out on that plane-safe candle, giving him a complete date vibe. Colin’s menu also included beverages. We could see a glass full of beer kept next to his charcuterie board. The clip concluded with the text, “Of course, the sun had to be setting. How did he plan this?” In the caption, Shelbi wrote, “We got into the air, looked over and saw this. I can’t even be mad. Just purely impressed by his planning. I mean even a name tag and candle?! Classy honey, classy!”

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This little mid-air me-time idea impressed many. However, several wondered how he managed to pass the security with all these items. A comment read, “How’s he got all that on the plane without an uproar?”

A user commented, “I don’t know who these people are but I want to be friends! This is great!”

Another wrote, “Considering that airlines offer nothing but low-cost snacks such as sun chips or cookies, even on a 5-hour flight, I endorse this practice.”

A few claimed that they would also be trying this out. “And I will be doing this on my next long flight! Love it!”

Some appreciated it, as a comment read, “Absolutely nothing wrong with fancy.”

Sharing an inside detail, a flight attendant commented, “As a flight attendant I’m here to say I’d love to see more of this. Civility has been ignored for so long. I’m sure he’s taken care of his tray top, we all know what we know.”

The video has received 1.7 million views so far. 

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