Viral Video Details Recipe For “Pizza Dhokla,” Experiment Divides Foodies

There is a growing trend of unconventional food experiments and combinations. Some turn out tasty, others are, well, not so great. Certain combinations like peanut butter and jelly are well-loved classics, while others like gulab jamun momos or Fanta maggi, may not always hit the mark. Pizza, too, hasn’t been spared from these experiments. From sushi-inspired toppings to dessert versions, pizza is often featured in bizarre combinations. In a recent viral video, with over 3 million views, a vlogger is seen making “Pizza Dhokla”, merging an Italian classic with the Gujarati delicacy. The fusion recipe has sparked a range of reactions online.

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The digital creator combined rava, curd, salt, chopped onions, boiled sweet corn, chopped capsicum, spinach leaves, oregano, chilli flakes, olives, and a packet of Eno in a bowl and thoroughly mixed them. She then transferred the mixture into a glass container, layered it with her homemade pizza sauce, and added grated cheese, olives, and herbs on top. Placing the container inside a cooker, she steamed it for 15 minutes. Watch the complete video here:

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The internet stands divided over this viral recipe. While some liked the dish many claimed that the experiment has “destroyed two proper dishes.”

One user exclaimed, “OMG,  I love how you recreated it”, and another chimed in with a triple “Wow.” 

There were comments like, “Great recipe! Gonna try it soon.”  

Meanwhile, others who were not so happy with the creation, said, “Why, mam. Let pizza be the pizza and dhokla be the dhokla.” 

A few had issues with the title. “Call it something else LMAO. The name and dish both are very misleading.” 

Not happy with the result, this person wrote, “Add it to the rarest of the rare crime category.” 

“No, please don’t disrespect dhokla like this. It’s a traditional Gujju dish,” echoed a few.

What do you think of this viral recipe? Let us know in the comments below. 

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