Viral Video: Barista Trainer Makes Non-Veg Bolognese Coffee; Internet Calls It “Abomination”

Bolognese-flavoured dishes, inspired by the hearty Bolognese sauce from Italy, are known for their rich taste. Whether mixed with pasta or used in recipes like lasagna or stuffed peppers, the Bolognese flavour is appreciated for its comforting and versatile appeal. From home-cooked meals to restaurant favourites, Bolognese-flavoured food is a beloved choice for those seeking a satisfying culinary experience. But, have you ever tried Bolognese coffee? A Coffee consultant and Barista Trainer has taken the plunge, creating a coffee concoction with all the classic Bolognese ingredients. 

In a recent Instagram video, Adam (@adamscoffeeglasgow) tried his hand at the rather unconventional creation. The video has gone viral with more than 2 million views. “Coming at you with the HOTTEST new coffee trend,” he wrote in the caption. “The Bolognese Latte is the ultimate flavour experience. Speciality coffee X homemade Bolognese = amazing flavours truly a match made in heaven. Expect notes of tomato, beef, pork, onion, and spices along with tactile of lumpy, chewy and mouth-watering umami vibes,” he added.
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According to him, the key to making a Bolognese latte is to make a good sauce with fresh tomatoes, simmered for a minimum of 4 hours for that truly meaty flavour. The Barista trainer demonstrated the latte-making process by layering Bolognese sauce in a glass and advised using the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT), a distribution method commonly used in espresso making. Next, he added oat milk, poured espresso on top, and garnished the concoction with basil! The Coffee consultant had his girlfriend taste the Bolognese latte, but she immediately spat it out with the first sip.

Watch the viral video here:

People in the comments section also had the same reaction as his girlfriend.

One user wrote, “Make sure you never go to Italy. As it might be your last trip in your life.” Another wrote, “The girlfriend’s vom reaction is what made this worthwhile for me, priceless, the only reaction to this abomination.” An Instagram user commented, “This really makes me suffer in my deepest emotions.”
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