Viral: Pankaj Tripathi Makes Khichdi, Reveals He Used To Eat It “Daily” For A Year

Pankaj Tripathi has won our hearts with his exceptional talent and magnetic screen presence. From portraying iconic characters in critically acclaimed films to stealing the show with his impeccable performances in various web series, Tripathi has become a beloved figure in the hearts of Indian audiences. Pankaj Tripathi, who plays the role of former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the upcoming film “Main Atal Hoon,” is also an advocate for a vegetarian and plant-based diet. In a recent video, the versatile actor shared a surprising revelation – he survived an entire year solely on khichdi. 
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In a delightful cooking demonstration posted on the Instagram page ‘deepas_kitchen_tadka’, Pankaj Tripathi shared his khichdi recipe, starting by adding a spoonful of ghee to a pressure cooker. He then tossed in sliced chillies, some bay leaves, and grated ginger. Expressing his fondness for moong dal, he added the lentils followed by rice, creating the base for the wholesome dish. Adding a personal touch, Mr Tripathi incorporated garam masalas made by his wife. He then added salt and recommended adjusting the salt according to personal liking. The actor then covered the pressure cooker and let it cook. The khichdi was then ready to be served.

Watch the video here:

The internet, being the ultimate judge, was impressed. 

Comments flooded in, with someone exclaiming, “1 year? I spend my whole life on Khichdi.”

Some called him “Down to earth,” while others commented saying it was their “Comfort food.”

One user claimed that it was a “Very good protein dish for vegetarians.”

Some echoed, “Ya… Me too… I survived on khichadi for almost one year,” while another user shared, “I’ve been eating khichdi as my lunch since my school days.”
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Khichdi is a wholesome blend of carbohydrates and protein. It is packed with essential nutrients and is easily digestible. It thus serves as a comforting yet healthy option, making it an ideal choice for a balanced meal.

If you want to try making khichdi at home, check out our recipe here

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