VietNom In Saket, Delhi Promises A Vietnamese Culinary Odyssey That Ends In Your Heart

Vietnamese cuisine has caught the fancy of people in Delhi. Vietnom is one of the few restaurants that provide authentic Vietnamese flavours right here in the city with its expansive menu. Eager to explore their culinary offerings and enticed by the promise of a special winter menu, I recently stepped into their new outlet in Saket, ready for a journey through the heart of Vietnam. 

A Taste of Vietnam in Delhi 

As I entered VietNom, the cosy ambience welcomed me with the quintessential charm of Vietnamese aesthetics. The decor, reminiscent of the streets of Hanoi, exuded warmth, setting the stage for what promised to be a comforting culinary escapade. 

Winter Warmth in a Glass: Rum Toddy  

To combat the chilly evening, I started my culinary journey with a Winter Warmer – the Rum Toddy. Infused with apple, orange, cloves, cinnamon, and honey, this concoction was a delightful concoction of flavours that instantly thawed the winter chill.  

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Culinary Delights At Vietnom 

The Chicken and Chilli dumplings were a revelation. Each bite revealed a perfect blend of softness, succulence, and an explosion of flavours. The balance of spice and tenderness made them an absolute delight.  

The Vietnamese Dry Chilli Prawns made a decent entry, although they didn’t quite reach the same heights as the dumplings. However, the real star of the evening was the Vietnamese pizza. The thin and crispy base carried creamy and eclectic flavours, offering a refreshing departure from the conventional pizzas which, to be frank, I’ve got bored of.  

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As the meal progressed, I was treated to the highlight of the evening – the Live Hot Pot Special. The interactive experience allowed me to craft my perfect hot pot, choosing from four varieties – vegetarian, chicken, seafood, and tenderloin. Chef Bhim made the session extra special by heeding my request for a chicken and fish Hot Pot, prepared right in front of me with a flambe technique that was both impressive and visually stunning. 

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No culinary journey is complete without a sweet ending, and VietNom delivered with their Coconut and Lavender Panna Cotta. The mild sweetness, luscious texture, and a hint of pineapple rounded off the meal perfectly. 

The winter menu along with the regular features of the menu left a lasting impression on my taste buds.  

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