US Citizen Under Fire For Judging Womans Choice To Eat Rice With Hands At Airport

Many Indians are passionate about eating with their hands. It is a whole hands-on experience for us, literally. In Indian households, dining is often a shared affair, and the practice of eating with hands fosters a sense of togetherness. Beyond the family setting, communal meals during festivals, weddings, or gatherings are incomplete without the rhythmic dance of fingers navigating through a variety of dishes. There is also a belief in Ayurveda that the natural oils present in our fingers help digestion. However, our world is diverse and some cultures may find this practice strange. Recently, a video went viral of a social media user from the U.S. calling out a woman for eating rice with her hands at an airport.
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A woman posted a short video on X (formerly Twitter), expressing surprise at a lady eating with her hands at an airport. In her tweet, the woman, who is a US citizen according to her bio, remarked, “Y’all, why this lady sat next to me eating with her damn hands? In a nasty airport.” She went on to share hygiene concerns, saying, “Thank you thank you, hand eaters. We can all thank you for leaving your saliva around our airports & public spaces. Raising the chances of us having to go back into mask mandates. Leave your hand sucking at home. Share your bowl of rice at home with your family and your (dog)” 
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Watch the video here:

The post has racked up over 23 million views. People, on social media, are accusing the person who posted it of being racist while others are slamming the user for filming the woman “without her consent.”

One user wrote, “If it was an American having fries you wouldn’t bat an eye. It’s not like she’s sharing it with you either; it’s her own portion and how she culturally does things and it’s less wasteful in terms of cutlery. You’re the weirdo for filming a random person in an airport.”

Another person commented, “And you filming her without her consent is more disgusting.” 

A comment read, “If you don’t like it, you should have just minded your business rather than filming her invading her privacy! It’s our culture, we respect our food, you are being ridiculous.”

“You forget that different cultures exist? if somebody was eating fries with their hands, I highly doubt you’d be secretly filming them, all of this whilst you have India’s national flower in your display name,” a person said.

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