Unique “Lacha Tikki Chaat” From Delhi: Have You Tried It Yet?

When it comes to Indian street food, tikkis stand out as a beloved delight among enthusiasts of desi cuisine. Paired with thinly sliced vegetables and rich yoghurt, these quick bites satisfy hunger and appeal to taste buds across all age groups. Whether it’s the timeless classic aloo tikki or inventive variations like mushroom tikki, sabudana tikki, or corn tikki, everyone has their favourite. However, there’s a unique twist to this street food scene – the lacha tikki chaat made from grated potatoes. In the bustling streets of Krishna Nagar, Delhi, a local vendor has gained attention for serving this distinctive lacha tikki chaat. A recent video of the preparation of this dish has sparked mixed reactions among food enthusiasts. Some are delighted by the innovative take on the traditional tikki, while others are not entirely pleased with this creation.

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The video begins with the vendor using grated boiled potatoes, taking them into his hands, topping them with a mixture of dal and peas, and sealing them with another layer of grated boiled potatoes. After that, the tikki is placed on a griddle and shallow-fried. Following the cooking process, two pieces of tikki are delicately placed in a small bowl made from green leaves. The tikkis are then garnished with green and red chutney, yoghurt, paneer cubes, and chaat masala before being served. The background audio reveals that the price of this lacha tikki chaat is 80 rupees per plate.

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Take a look at the video below:

After watching the video, many foodies showed love in the comment section. A user wrote, “Bahut bar khai hai tasty hoti hai ye [I ate it many times. It is very tasty]”

Another added, “This is called hygiene.”

Someone said, “It’s actually really filling, ek plate khane ke bad full hojayenge [It is filling. After eating one plate, you will be full].”

On the other hand, a section of people also criticised the dish due to various reasons.

A person commented, “Not worth it. Overpriced 20rs ki aukaat wali h. [It is worth only 20 rupees.]”

“Bhai bhot oily thi yrr [Way too oily],” read another comment.

Someone wrote, “80 rupey mein fried allo kha k aye hai bhai saab [You have eaten fried potatoes for 80 rupees.]”

Do you want to try this lacha tikki chaat? Let us know in the comments below. 

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