TV Actor Nakuul Mehta Tries Kasaulis Gulab Jamun Bun. Watch His Reaction

Gulab Jamun is nothing less than comfort for every sweet tooth out there. Its velvety, melt-in-mouth texture makes it a hit after every Indian party and feast. But in this world of bizarre food combos, our favourite gulab jamun has also fallen prey to some of the foodie experiments. However, there is one bizarre combo of gulab jamun that is truly being loved by the internet, including TV star Nakuul Mehta. No, we aren’t talking about vanilla ice cream with gulab jamun, but Kasauli’s famous gulab jamun bun. Yes, you read that right. While the combo sounds weird, the dish has impressed many. Now, Nakuul has dropped a video of himself giving a whirl to this combo on Instagram. The clip begins with a text that reads, “Would you cancel me if I told you gulab jamun buns are a thing?” Then we see the vendor placing gulab jamun between buns and pressing it to make a burger out of it. He deep fries it in what appears like oil, till it turns crispy. The video concludes with Nakuul Mehta tasting the dish. Well, that smile while chewing the dish tells a lot about what he thinks of the dish. But with just one word Nakuul Mehta reviewed gulab jamun and bun. He wrote, “Gobsmacked,” with a fire emoticon on the video.

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While posting the clip, Nakuul Mehta may have kick-started yet another foodie debate. Sharing the clip he wrote, “They say you are a kinder hooman if you think Gulab Jamuns are greater than Rosgullas.” He ended the caption by asking users “Please debate,” with a down arrow emoticon.

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In no time, the comments section was flooded with several users giving their views on this combo. But what caught our attention was the fact that Ayushmann Khurrana also approved of this food combo. The actor, who was among the first ones to acknowledge the post, commented, “I also loved…Kasauli?” 

Responding to Ayushmann’s comment, Nakuul Mehta wrote, “Ayushmann Khurrana Bingo.”

Cricket commentator, Jatin Sapru asked, “Brooo – What’s this? With Maska pav? Ghar pe try karoon (Should I try at home)? Good?”

Nakuul Mehta’s wife, singer Jankee Parekh Mehta dropped a red heart emoticon.

TV actress Shubhaavi Choksey commented, “What? Wow.”

‘Made In Heaven 2’ star Mukul Chadda said, “GJ > RG, but these buns are taking it a step too far.”

So far the video has been played more than seven million times. 

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