Toast Without The Hangover: The Rise Of 0 ABV Beverages Is Changing The Game

Gone are the days of settling for mundane soft drinks or saccharine fruit concoctions. Today, we find ourselves amidst a fascinating transformation in the realm of non-alcoholic drinks, where intricate and innovative flavour profiles take centre stage, captivating palates far and wide. This shift has given rise to a wave of experimental bar menus that treat non-alcoholic libations with the same reverence as their spirited counterparts.

The Rise of 0 ABV Beverages

The surge in popularity of 0 ABV drinks is more than just a reaction to a growing emphasis on well-being; it’s emblematic of a conscientious imbibing movement akin to Dry January. Consumers are now embracing this trend wholeheartedly, craving refined tastes and premium options in their beverage selections. These beverages also offer an inclusive alternative for social gatherings, ensuring that everyone can partake in the conviviality without feeling excluded.

Redefining Non-Alcoholic Mixology

Venture into any bar these days, and you’re likely to encounter a dedicated “mocktail” menu. However, I take issue with the term “mock.” Instead, I advocate for the craft of non-alcoholic mixology. While some bartenders relish the freedom of concocting zero-proof delights sans any blueprint, others find joy in reimagining beloved classics like the Negroni or Cosmopolitan without the booze.
While sweet flavours in 0 ABV drinks have been thoroughly explored, savoury notes remain largely uncharted territory. This realisation has sparked interest in traditional Indian flavours, often overlooked in the world of innovative beverages, finally stepping into the limelight. Embracing ingredients like rasam, mutton soup, or turmeric water may seem unconventional, but they promise to elevate the drinking experience in unexpected ways.

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A Flavorful Evolution in Non-Alcoholic Mixology

Looking ahead, the potential for savoury cocktails to redefine mixology boundaries is immense. Similarly, there’s an untapped opportunity to incorporate Indian sweets. While Western desserts have long dominated cocktail culture, integrating flavours like halwa or laddoos adds a nostalgic twist and a touch of local charm.
Clarification techniques are also making their mark in the 0 ABV scene, offering a glimpse into the sophisticated world of non-alcoholic mixology. While these drinks may lack the boldness of their alcoholic counterparts, clarification can lend a smoother texture, especially when paired with sharp ingredients like ginger or various roots and spices.

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How To Make 0 ABV Drink At Home

Rather than mimicking liquors, 0 ABV beverages should be crafted to hold their complexity, maturity, and uniqueness. Crafting one involves several key steps, but don’t be fooled: it is quite simple. One can conveniently use produce in and around their homes. Here’s my take on a simple 0 ABV beverage.
1. Base: Start with an easy fruit or vegetable base. It could be anything ranging from pineapple juice in your fridge to coconut water from your local vendor.
2. Herbal elements: For a refreshing take, you can use herbs like holy basil, rosemary or even thyme to elevate the flavour profile of your base.
3. Spices: An Indian household always has access to spices. Add coriander seeds, pepper or even fenugreek for a sharp punch.
4. Muddle and mix well.
5. Don’t forget the fizz: You can add some soda or ginger ale for a well-rounded aftertaste. Voila!
As the landscape of non-alcoholic beverages continues to evolve, the future holds a tantalizing array of choices and experiences. Whether it’s exploring savoury flavours or reinventing traditional Indian ingredients, the beverage industry is poised for a flavorful revolution. This trajectory not only reflects shifting consumer preferences but also underscores the boundless creativity within the realm of mindful mixology. Cheers to a tasteful journey ahead!

Author’s Bio: Manoj Padmanaban is the co-founder at Pandan Club

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