Tinder: Tinder to launch a new in-app safety campaign for India

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Popular online dating app, Tinder, has launched the first-of-its-kind Dating Safety Guide for online daters in India. This new safety campaign was initiated by the platform in partnership with Centre for Social Research (CSR). Tinder has worked with CSR India to leverage the NGO’s insights, research and work at the intersection of technology and violence against women to inform its safety efforts for this guide as a part of its education and awareness initiatives around online dating safety in the country.
Dating Safety Guide: Availability and more
The Dating Safety Guide will be available for all users and can be found on CSR India’s website. The guide will also be promoted in the Tinder app in September and October for users in India via a Swipe Card which will direct Tinder users in India to the online dating Safety resources. The guide will also be sent as part of email communication and newsletter by CSR India to their broader beneficiary network.
Dating Safety Guide: Importance
98% of young Indian daters surveyed said that safety features on dating apps are important. Moreover, 56% of young daters said that features that help promote good behaviour on dating apps are useful. Notably, 65% of young daters in India said a verified profile makes a match more attractive, making photo verification one of the most valued safety features.
The Tinder Dating Safety Guide for India aims to educate daters in India on the do’s and don’ts of dating safety by reminding users of its Community Guidelines, detailing how to use its in-app safety features and, outlining the recently enhanced reporting process and understanding important topics like embracing an inclusive community, sexual health and consent.

Complementing Tinder’s Safety Centre that equips users with resources and guidelines. The guide will aim to educate users on how to make the most of their dating experience, while also staying alert, both online and offline.
Tinder’s steps towards safety
Tinder continues to invest in safety and has built innovative features, such as its updated AI functionalities including Are You Sure? and Does This Bother You?
Other safety features include Block Contacts and Photo Verification. Tinder also recently announced changes to its existing Community Guidelines, outlining the good behaviours that lead to the best possible experience for everyone on the app.
Tinder also allows users to report and block any suspicious accounts, or users who misbehave. Users can report any profile regardless of whether they’ve matched with them or not, and whether someone has unmatched with them.
To report someone, the user needs to go to their profile, scroll down and tap Report. In 2022, Tinder announced it had updated its reporting process to ensure users could more easily report someone they’ve unmatched from.

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