This Viral Milk Chocolate Toast Is One For The Recipe Books

Any meal – big or small – is incomplete without a sweet treat. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, desserts are often tough to say no to. No matter what time of the year it is, there is a dessert waiting to be devoured. And while the common misconception is that a dessert has to be complicated for it to be tasty, a food blogger has shared a viral video that proves otherwise. In the video shared on the Instagram handle ‘swadishtdelights’, the flood blogger is seen whipping up a delicious toasty sweet treat with super simple ingredients such as bread, butter, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, milk, and sugar. Did someone say yummy yet?
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The preparation is as simple as the ingredient list. The bread is buttered and topped with chocolate sauce, choco chips and sugar. The slice is topped with another slice, prepped and topped with the same ingredients and a final slice of bread to form a stack of deliciousness. Then this sweet sandwich of sorts is placed on a pan, doused in milk and cooked in the milk, till the bread absorbs it. After plating, you can take the sweet quotient up a notch by sprinkling some sugar on the toast.
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Watch the viral video here:

Needless to say, the viral milk toast was a huge hit with foodies on the internet, with the video gathering over 19 million views. 

“If I start my morning with this sandwich and Black coffee, my day can’t possibly go bad,” one user said.

“What a dessert,” said another user with fire emojis.

“Oh, that looks delicious,” read one comment.

“Reminds me of Shahi Tukda,” said another user, drawing parallels to a desi classic.

However, another section of users was appalled by the amount of sugar in the recipe.

One user wrote, “Most unhealthy thing I have seen.”

“My boyfriend almost ruined the pan making this, thanks!” said another.

“I will name it diabetic sandwich,” joked another.

“Sooo soo unhealthy!” another fan exclaimed.

“Diabetes on the way,” warned another.

“Rather eat French toast and call myself whitewashed because I would maintain my protein intake and fill myself till lunch. Sugar-free syrup on top and saved myself from diabetes,” one user suggested.

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