This Surti Locho Recipe Is Perfect To Kickstart Your Mornings On A Healthy Note

If you have ever been to Surat, you would have probably been recommended to try Locho, a healthy snack made from soaked dals and spices. As per legends, Locho was an accidental invention by a person who was trying to make Khaman. But, after steaming the Khaman, they realised that the batter had extra water because of which the Khaman turned out to be mushy. So they began selling Locho and it became an instant hit. Making Surti Locho is similar to preparing dhokla but is moister. You can enjoy Surti Locho for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! If you are looking for a quick and healthy recipe, then this Surti Locho is perfect for trying today!
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Using chana dal is important in this Surti Locho recipe.

Using chana dal is important in this Surti Locho recipe.
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Can You Add Other Ingredients To Surti Locho?

Yes! Surti locho is extremely versatile. You can add as many ingredients as you want and increase its nutritional value. Add chopped veggies like carrots, capsicum, and even sweet corn to enhance the flavour of Surti Locho. If you want it garlicky, add a bit of minced garlic in the batter. You can even add black pepper powder and chaat masala to the batter before steaming.

Don’t Have A Steamer? Can You Bake Surti Locho In A Pressure Cooker?

You can easily bake Surti Locho in a pressure cooker if you don’t have a steamer. All you have to do is take the greased pan and place it on top of the trivet in a pressure cooker. Secure the lid and cook it for at least 2 whistles. Check if it’s cooked, if not, let it cook for another whistle. Let the pressure release slowly from the cooker before removing the tin. And it’s done!

Let the Surti Locho steam for 10-12 minutes.

Let the Surti Locho steam for 10-12 minutes.
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How To Make Surti Locho At Home | Easy Surti Locho Recipe:

As mentioned above, Surti Locho is easy to make and super delicious. It is made with less oil and healthy ingredients and tastes best when served hot. To make Surti Locho at home, blend the soaked urad dal, chana dal and poha in a mixer and make a coarse batter from it. Once done, add water, curd and salt as per your preference and let the batter ferment. Add spices of your choice and bake the batter in a steamer. Top it with sev and onions and it’s done!

Need a step-by-step guide to making Surti Locho at home? Click here.

Bonus Tips:

Make sure not to skip poha from this recipe as it adds fluffiness to the batter. A simple trick to make a perfect base for Surati Locho is to have equal ratios of batter and water. Surati Locho tastes best when served hot and immediately!

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