This Is “The Best Breakfast In The World”, According To Neena Gupta

We never get tired of following Neena Gupta’s breakfast diaries. The veteran actress frequently gives us glimpses into her morning meals via her Instagram stories. Through these updates, we have discovered that she often relishes desi foods for breakfast. She seems to love wholesome parathas especially. Her latest foodie Insta story includes a sneak peek at what Neena Gupta calls “the best breakfast in the world”. In the video clip, Neena Gupta can be heard explaining each element as she puts the dish together. First, she serves herself some pyaaz ka poha (onion poha).

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She tops it with some farsan, stating, “Par bahut thoda [But very little], because it’s very dangerous”. Next, she adds some pomegranate arils to her plate. Finally, she adds “jeeravan powder” on top. She mentions that this powder is easily available in many places, including online. She ends the video by mixing all the elements together and calling the combination “the best breakfast in the world”.

Take a look at screengrabs from the Instagram story video below:

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Latest and Breaking News on NDTV

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Before this, Neena Gupta took to Instagram to share shots of her drool-worthy lunch spread. The meal included puris, sitaphal sabzi, aloo sabzi, salad, halwa and more. Towards the end of the video, Neena Gupta can be heard saying, “Aur kya chahiye life mein? [What else do you need in life?]” Read the full story here.

Neena Gupta’s culinary adventures also include making yummy foods on occasion. She once shared her special recipe for a popular desi-style egg preparation: anda bhurji. Wondering what the steps were? You can watch the entire video here. Don’t miss her unique cooking tips!

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