This International Hot And Spicy Food Day 2024, Turn Up the Spice Metre With These 7 Hot Recipes

As the calendar turns to January 16, our favourite spicy dishes come into the spotlight on International Hot and Spicy Food Day. A celebration of bold flavours and culinary courage, this day pays homage to the dishes that set our taste buds ablaze and ignite our passion for fiery delights. From the sizzling streets of Seoul to the vibrant kitchens of Jamaica, our global culinary journey promises an array of tantalizing experiences. We suggest you mark the day in the best possible way. We have seven hot and spicy recipes from around the globe that you can try making in your kitchen. Brace yourself for the tongue-tingling adventure that awaits. Join the worldwide celebration and savour the thrill of International Hot and Spicy Food Day!
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International Hot and Spicy Food Day: Here Are 7 Hot And Spicy Recipes From Around The World You Must Try:

1. Buldak (Hot and Spicy Chicken):

Step into the vibrant world of Korean cuisine with Buldak, a spicy chicken dish winning hearts everywhere. Famed for its unique flavours and fiery kick, Buldak, where ‘bul’ means fire in Korean and ‘dak’ means chicken, is a mouthwatering explosion of spiciness that captures the essence of Korean culinary passion. Click here for the recipe for Buldak.

2. Phaal Curry:

Prepare for a spice adventure as we encounter the world’s spiciest curry, Phaal Curry. Crafted from the infamous Bhut Naga Jolokia, once crowned the hottest chilli globally, this curry is a fiery blend of chicken or tomato, ginger, fresh and dried chillies, and a generous sprinkle of chilli powder. 

3. Mirchi ka Achaar:

Mirchi ka Achaar is another hot dish that works great as a side dish. Whether you prefer it tangy or stuffed with masala, the ultimate allure lies in the heat of the chillies. This achaar is not just a meal accompaniment; it’s an unforgettable experience, adding a kick to your palate that lingers long after the last bite. Click here for 5 recipes for Mirchi ka achaar.

4. Spicy Paneer Tikka:

Vegetarian delights get a spicy makeover with the iconic Spicy Paneer Tikka. Imagine succulent, smoky paneer tikkas paired with onions and capsicum for that perfect crunch. This appetizer, a favourite among spice enthusiasts, showcases the art of blending spices and heat to create a tantalizing treat. Click here for the recipe for Spicy Paneer Tikka.

5. Spicy Chicken 65:

Let’s applaud the showstopper among ’65’ dishes – the Spicy Chicken 65. With a simple yet flavorful mix of cornflour, red chilli powder, mustard seeds, ginger-garlic paste, eggs, curry leaves, and chicken breasts, this snack steals hearts. Once you savour the irresistible combination of spices, you’ll understand why it holds a special place in the world of spicy delights. Click here for the recipe for Spicy Chicken 65.

Chicken 65 is loved all over India.

Chicken 65 is loved all over India.
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6. Kolhapuri Chicken:

Venture into Maharashtra’s Kolhapur, renowned for its exquisite spices and fiery curries, as we explore the mouthwatering Kolhapuri Chicken. Marinated with cloves, dried red chillies, and garlic paste, this dish is elevated by a coconut-based curry. The symphony of flavours, accompanied by the famous Kolhapuri masala, makes it a spicy favourite. Click here for the recipe for Kolhapuri Chicken.

7. Kimchi-Jjigae:

Our spicy expedition takes a detour again to South Korea with Kimchi-Jjigae, a hearty stew that encapsulates the soul of Korean households. Featuring fermented kimchi, tofu, pork, and an array of vegetables, this dish boasts a fiery kick derived from the robust kimchi. As you indulge in the warmth of Kimchi-Jjigae, you’ll understand why it’s a cherished part of Korean cuisine. Click here for the recipe for Kimchi-Jjigae.

As we unite in celebration of International Hot and Spicy Food Day, embrace the spice, savour the heat, and let your taste buds revel in the joyous symphony of spicy delights!

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