This “Game Changer” 10-Min Microwave Dessert Recipe Has More Than 21 Million Views

Dessert lovers know that sweet cravings can hit at any time. While packaged and readymade treats offer a quick fix, nothing can beat the satisfaction of indulging in homemade delicacies. However, many desserts require a lot of time for baking or setting. As a result, we opt for faster solutions. But what if there was a way to make a delicious dessert in just 10 minutes using everyday ingredients? A recent Instagram reel shows a simple way to make flan in a microwave. It has taken the internet by storm, having received more than 21 million views so far.

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In the reel by @cupcakeproject, the baker states that this “game changer” flan recipe is by her Argentinian friend. We first see a person adding some castor sugar to two glass cups. He adds a little water to the cups and then microwaves them for around 2 minutes. Next, he breaks two eggs into a bowl, followed by milk and sugar. He then pours some vanilla essence and whisks the mixture with a fork.

Taking the cups microwaved earlier, he swirls them to allow the melted sugar to coat them well on the inside. The cups should be allowed to cool for a minute so that you can turn them upside down without the contents getting spilt. Once this is done, the person pours the whisked egg mixture into the cups and microwaves them for approximately 5 minutes. One should watch them closely to ensure there is no overflow, as per the text on the video. If it is set, a knife inserted into it should come out clean.

Finally, the person cools the cups in an ice bath and leaves them in the freezer to chill for a few minutes. Before serving, the cups are overturned onto a plate to reveal a luscious dessert with a caramelised topping. Watch the complete video below:

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In the comments, many people have expressed interest in trying this viral recipe. A few were concerned about the glass cups shattering in the microwave. Others were fascinated by how the vanilla essence was added. Read some of the reactions below:

“Just add some vanilla until you hear the voice of your ancestors saying, ‘That’s enough child’.”

“I’m a flan of this method”

“Definition of measuring vanilla with your heart!”

“I didn’t need to know that flan was THIS ACCESSIBLE.”

As an Argentinian, I’m so impressed by this. I’ve done Flan so many times and it’s usually a long process I can’t even be bothered. Magical.”

“This is a perfect single-serve dessert for a lonely student.”

What did you think of this viral recipe? Would you want to try it at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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