This Food Bloggers Grocery Shopping Hack Leaves The Internet Divided

While some find the practice of grocery shopping boring, others genuinely enjoy it. Different types of shoppers exist – some hunt for discounted prices, others prioritise quality, and then some opt for food delivery applications instead of physically going to a store. Interestingly, there is a particular segment of people who never pick products from the front shelves but instead go for those stocked behind them. Wondering why? Well, it’s because products with sooner expiry dates are usually placed upfront for quicker sales. A video gaining popularity on Instagram revolves around these types of buyers.
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In the video shared by food blogger Ramya Ravuri, she can be seen selecting items such as oranges, hummus, cheese blocks, hot chocolate powder, frozen vegetables, packaged milkshakes, flavoured curd, and more. However, instead of choosing from the front row, she picks items positioned slightly further back. The text overlaying the video reads, “POV you are raised to grocery shop like this.” In the caption, Ramya wrote, “It’s the only way I know how.”

Take a look at the video below:

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After watching the video, people started sharing their reactions in the comment section.

A user wrote, “You’re the reason food goes bad on the shelves.”

Another one added, “I have to check it constantly because I know from working in retail that too many employees won’t actually properly rotate the items so often the freshest would be upfront anyways.”

A person said, “As someone who used to work at a grocery store: this makes me angry, because we had to throw away everything that was expired, even if it was perfectly fine to eat, we couldn’t even take it for ourselves.”

“I do the opposite. Less fresh items because I know I’m gonna eat them quickly and they’ll go in the trash shortly if not purchased soon. Food waste drives me wild,” read a comment.  

Do you also follow the same process while shopping for groceries?

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