“There’s lot of fantastic AI work going on in India,” says Bill Gates as he praises Indian innovation

Microsoft Co-founder and phillanthropist Bill Gates on Thursday said that a lot of fantastic work is going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence adding that country is poised to a lot of the leadership work in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence.

In an interview with ANI, Bill Gates said, “Well, there’s a lot of fantastic AI work going on in this country. You have innovators like Nandan Nilekani who’s taking all that digital work and saying, OK, how does AI make that even better? You have groups like Wadhwani. You have the IIT groups that are very state of the art. In India, there will be a lot of fantastic leadership work in AI here in India. And when it’s helping the poorest in areas like health and agriculture, our foundation will be proud to help shape that and support it.”

Gates feels that India has made rapid strides in Digital Public Infrastucture and there has been a lot of improvement in key areas.

“The rate of improvement in a lot of the key areas is very, very strong. You know, everyone knows that in vaccines, India’s the world’s leader, so we’re investing with our partners here to come up with lots of new vaccines. A diagnostics industry has come out of some of the work in the pandemic, so we’re partnering there as well. This idea of digital connections that starts with Aadhaar and the bank accounts that you manage digitally, that’s flourishing. And so we see in agriculture now, they’re registering the farmers and giving them advance notice” the Microsoft Co-founder said.

Gates suggested that several countries across the world can learn from PM Modi

“So that Indian leadership is something other countries should benefit from. So going back to the G20, India stated its desire to help others. And we’re a partner with India. In fact, I spoke with the external affairs minister today about what countries could we accelerate. They are getting some of these benefits that have been so incredible here in India” he said.

Gates said the strength of India today, in terms of economic growth and innovation, is very exciting while emphasising that India’s thrust on education is paying off and lauded political competition in a democracy for providing better amenities to people.

“I think the strength of India today, which in terms of economic growth and innovation, is very exciting. That’s why companies like Microsoft has 25,000 people here that do absolutely amazing work. That developed over 25 years, and so a foundation was laid of educating people and now that’s paying off” the Microsoft co-founder added.

Reflecting on India’s democratic system, Gates described it as magical for not only prioritizing the interests of specific groups but also focusing on overall economic improvement, healthcare, and education. Gates commended Indian innovation, stating that each visit reinforces the perception that Indian innovation is at an advanced level.

“It’s nice to see you’ve got a government where some of the political competition is, I’ll run the health system better than they do. I’ll make the schools better than they do.Democracy is a magic system when it works well. It’s not just that my group deserves a term but rather that my group will grow the pie for everyone, improve the economy, and improve education,” he said while praising the Indian democracy where the parties strive for the development of the country.

Gates, who during his visit to India, engaged with several diverse groups and feels that Indian innovation is at a higher level.

“I think democracy, it’s a magic system, you know, when it works well, you know, that it’s not just my group deserves a turn, but rather, you know, my group will grow the pie for everyone, improve the economy, improve health and improve education. And so the entire time I’ve been coming here, you know, every time it’s like, wow, Indian innovation is at a much higher level. And the health statistics, you know, they’re being honest about, okay, this is where we are. This is what’s improved” Gates said.

Gates also visited IIT Delhi recently and also the state of Odisha, where he met with chief minister Naveen Patnaik. In recognition of his contributions to global health, education and efforts to combat climate change through innovative technological solutions aimed at reducing inequality, Bill Gates was honored with the KISS Humanitarian Award 2023. (ANI)

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