The New Nukkad Cafe & Bar In Kailash Colony Offers A Nostalgic Journey With A Fusion Twist

Nukkad Cafe & Bar in Kailash Colony offers a nostalgic voyage back to the vibrant 90s, blending modernity with nostalgia in its decor and ambience. Stepping inside feels like entering a lively darbar, adorned with murals and Instagram-worthy elements reminiscent of the era. As soon as I entered, I was transported into the bylanes and nukkad of a typical Indian city in the 90s. A tiny departmental store structure on one side, an STD/PCO booth on one corner, and a desi theka-style bar – brought back fond memories of my younger life. 

The wall plates of 90s Bollywood movies and popular quotes filling the entire wall outside the entrance was a pretty sight – perfect for clicking pictures. The carefully curated playlist further enhances the retro vibe, evoking carefree memories of days gone by.

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But it’s not just the ambience that steals the show; Nukkad’s culinary offerings impress with a global twist infused with desi flavours. From American classics to fiery Indian curries and delectable Italian dishes, there’s something for every palate.

I kicked off my dining experience with the unique cocktail, Baba Ji Ki Bhooti! What was inside the drink? Vodka infused with ‘baba ji ki bhooti’, kiwi and citrus. Interesting, right? Well, I was a little wary of it, but it surprisingly tasted good. Another cocktail I explored was Matka LIIT. It was a regular LIIT with different alcohols but the twist was the addition of masaledar flavours and the way it was served – in a matka. 

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While the cocktails lifted my spirits and put me in a good mood, I gorged away on some delicious food. The Tibetan Chicken Momos were pretty good, juicy and succulent. The Kung Pao Chicken offered good flavours, although it tasted more like chilli chicken. The Arabiatta Pasta served with garlic bread made for a tasty, home-like meal, and I liked it. 

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The live music playing on the terrace made me enjoy my food and drinks even more. On a Saturday evening, what more could I ask for? I left the place with the promise of visiting it again, soon!

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