The Fascinating Tale Of Daiquiri: How To Make The Classic Cocktail At Home

Cocktails are fun, provided you consume them within the limit. You mix different ingredients, along with the spirit of your choice, to prepare delicious drinks that leave you refreshed. While there’s no end to such creative cocktail recipes, what reigns supreme are the classic ones. Be it a glass of margarita, cosmopolitan, or mojito, the evergreen ones never fail to impress us with their simple yet on-the-point flavours. In this article, we will talk about one such classic cocktail – daiquiri. A simple concoction of white rum, lime juice, and sugar, this drink is easy to make and tastes good. But did you know the cocktail has a very fascinating history to it? Let’s find it out.

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History Of Daiquiri: What Is The Origin Of Daiquiri Cocktail?

The drink finds its origin in a small town named Daiquiri in Santiago, Cuba. According to the website Difford’s Guide, the creation of the drink daiquiri is credited to Jennings Stockton Cox, an American engineer. Around the 20th century, when Americans were in Cuba, exploiting their iron ore mines, they were given substantial salaries and rations that included white rum.

But given the hot weather of Daiquiri in Cuba, Stockton Cox planned to add some lime juice and sugar to the alcohol to make it refreshing, explains popular content creator Nitin Tewari. And that’s how the world was introduced to the classic drink daiquiri.

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How To Make Classic Daiquiri At Home:

To start with, take some sugar and freshly pressed lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Then stir it until the sugar dissolves. To it, pour white rum and fill the shaker with ice,

Place the lid of the shaker and shake well until thoroughly chilled. Strain the drink through a fine tea strainer into a chilled glass. Garnish with mint leaves and take a sip. Oh-so-refreshing. Right?

Click here for the detailed recipe for Daiquiri. Enjoy a happy winter, everyone!

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