AI Act passed! European Union Parliament adopts ‘pioneering’ rules on artificial intelligence

The European Parliament gave final approval on Wednesday to the world’s most far-reaching rules to govern artificial intelligence, including powerful systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The AI Act focuses on higher-risk uses of the technology by the private and public sector, with tougher obligations for providers, stricter transparency rules for the most powerful models like ChatGPT, … Read more

Google restricts AI chatbot Gemini from answering queries on global elections

(Reuters) – Google is restricting AI chatbot Gemini from answering questions about the global elections set to happen this year, the Alphabet-owned firm said on Tuesday, as it looks to avoid potential missteps in the deployment of the technology. The update comes at a time when advancements in generative AI, including image and video generation, … Read more

OpenAI Calls Elon Musk’s Claims ‘Incoherent’ in Court Filing

OpenAI lambasted Elon Musk’s allegations against it, saying in a court filing that the billionaire entrepreneur’s claims “rest on convoluted — often incoherent — factual premises.”  The strongly worded filing is the company’s first legal response to Musk’s February lawsuit against the company, Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman and President Greg Brockman. Musk alleged the … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope snaps NGC 604, unlocks some star formation mysteries

Stars are born in chaotic and fascinating environments, and scientists are eager to understand more about these processes. And at the forefront of this exploration is US space agency NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Ever since its launch, it is helping astronomers see these celestial events like never before. Recently, James Webb Space Telescope captured … Read more

Apple iPhone 15 price cut: Amazon rolls out a massive discount, check it out now

Apple iPhone 15, one of the latest offerings from the tech giant, has received a significant price cut on Amazon, making it more accessible to customers. Previously priced at Rs. 79,900, iPhone 15 price cut on Amazon has now made it available at Rs. 72,200. This marks a 10% reduction in its price. This price … Read more

Poco X6 Neo set to launch in India on March 13; check specs, price, availability and more

Poco X6 Neo is all set to make its grand entrance into the Indian smartphone arena on March 13. Poco India has left no stone unturned, offering a tantalizing sneak peek at the phone’s design in anticipation of the much-anticipated launch. Alongside the revelation of key features and colour choices, leaks and reports have been … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A35 and Samsung Galaxy A55 prices and specs details leaked ahead of India launch

Samsung enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the March 11 launch of Samsung Galaxy A35 5G and Samsung Galaxy A55 5G in India have been treated to an unexpected preview. The smartphones have stealthily made their way to the shelves of Germany’s Otto retail website ahead of the official unveiling, unravelling key details about their prices and specifications. … Read more

Microsoft Copilot strengthens safeguards, blocks inappropriate prompts amid AI concerns

In a recent development, Microsoft has taken proactive measures to address concerns surrounding its Copilot tool, known for generating creative content using generative AI. The company appears to have implemented changes to block prompts that were previously associated with the production of violent, sexual, and other inappropriate images. These adjustments come on the heels of … Read more

Top 5 phones of 2024: Google Pixels to Apple iPhones, here’s what you can expect

Get ready for some exciting new smartphones in 2024! From Google Pixels to Apple iPhones, here’s what you can expect: 1. Google Pixel 8A: The Pixel 8A promises a top-notch experience without the hefty price tag. It’s rumored to feature a beautiful OLED display, an improved camera system, and the latest Snapdragon processor. With regular … Read more

Forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro leaks reveal exciting design changes and camera upgrades

The anticipation for Apple’s next flagship is reaching new heights as CAD schematics of the iPhone 16 Pro have made their way online, revealing some intriguing design changes from its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro. Leaked by 91Mobiles, the schematics showcase the smaller version of the iPhone 16 Pro, set to replace the current iPhone … Read more