Android 15 to introduce NFC wireless charging: What it means for you

Google’s upcoming Android 15 is gearing up to revolutionise the way we charge our devices with its new wireless charging feature via Near Field Communication (NFC). This innovation is set to extend the convenience of wireless charging to smaller gadgets like trackers, styluses, and wireless earbuds. A Shift from Qi Standard to NFC Typically, wireless … Read more

Google Play adds fingerprint verification for Android apps: Here’s how biometric locks will help you

In an era where convenience and security go hand in hand, Google is taking a significant step forward. Android users are soon to experience a revamped Play Store purchase verification system, with biometric authentication poised to replace the traditional Google Account password. As part of its ongoing effort to bolster security and user experience, Google … Read more

Google Pixel 9 smartphones to feature new Samsung modem with satellite connectivity: What to expect

Google’s next-generation Pixel devices are set to receive a significant upgrade with a new Samsung modem that includes satellite connectivity. This advancement aims to enhance cellular connectivity and offer emergency satellite-based services on the go. Pixel 9 Series and More to Sport Upgraded Modem Recent reports suggest that Google’s Pixel 9 series, including the Pixel … Read more

Gmail to bring a new subscription management feature: What is it and how it works- Details

Are you struggling to organize your emails with what’s important and what’s not? Worry no more because Google is working on a new Gmail feature which will declutter your email space. In most cases, our email is filled with spam emails or newsletters. However, deleting or unsubscribing emails one by one is not an easy … Read more

Alphabet to set a new record as investors happy with Google’s AI progress

Investors are becoming more optimistic about Alphabet Inc.’s artificial intelligence strategy, after a run of glitches and misfires that sent its shares tumbling.   The stock is heading back toward what would be a record $2 trillion market value — a milestone surpassed only by Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc. and Nvidia Corp. in the United … Read more

AI roundup [April 11]: Oppo, OnePlus partners with Google for Gemini Ultra AI; Adobe is building AI video Model and more

AI roundup: In a race to bring AI to smartphones, Oppo and OnePlus partner with Google to bring the Gemini Ultra platform to smartphones. This move will allow smartphone brands to provide improved integration of AI. In other news, Adobe is currently developing its artificial intelligence text-to-video generator for which it is buying videos to … Read more

Google adds two new AI models to its Gemma family of LLMs – Why this is important

In February, Google took the wraps off Gemma, its family of lightweight Large Language Models (LLMs) for open-source developers. Researchers at Google DeepMind developed it intending to assist developers and researchers in building AI responsibly. It has now announced two new additions to Gemma – CodeGemma and RecurrentGemma. With this move, Google DeepMind aims to … Read more

Soon you may have to pay to use Google Meet if you want these AI features

Google has been developing several new AI features for its apps and tools. Now, the company has been planning to enhance its Workspace apps’ performance with new AI-enabled features. Earlier, Google was rumoured to include AI-based summarisation in Gmail, now it is planning to enhance its video conferencing tool, GMeet. At the Cloud Next 2024, … Read more

Google app on Android to get a new toggle to switch between search and Gemini- Details

Google has been reported to be working on integrating AI features into its suite of apps. Earlier, the Gmail app received the AI-based quick reply suggestion and it was also speculated that the company has been working on an email summarisation tool. Now, a new Google feature has emerged via a leak which claims that … Read more

Google finally adds an important iPhone feature to Pixel 8 smartphones- Details

After months of anticipation, Google has finally upgraded the Find My Device network for Android enabling users to locate other Bluetooth-enabled nearby devices. However, the feature is a greater boost for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users as they will be able to locate their devices even when they are entirely switched off or … Read more