Two asteroids may pass Earth by a narrow margin today, says NASA; Check size, speed and more

To discover, track and monitor asteroids, NASA has several tech marvels in place. The NEOWISE telescope, Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), Pans-STARRS1, and Catalina Sky Survey are some of the space and ground-based telescopes and satellites which the space agency uses. Since there is a historical precedent of asteroids impacting Earth and causing cataclysmic damage, … Read more

Apollo asteroid to pass Earth today, reveals NASA; From size to speed, know details

In recent months, Asteroids have been passing by Earth in large numbers. Just yesterday, as many as three asteroids passed the planet by a close margin. Two of them were 100 feet wide, making them almost as big as an aircraft. While such space rocks pass Earth closely on many occasions, they are not likely … Read more

NASA alert: Three asteroids to pass Earth by a narrow margin; Check speed, size and more

In the last few months, asteroid flybys have become a common occurrence. These space rocks, also known as minor planets, are rocky, airless remnants of the early formation of our solar system about 4.6 billion years ago. According to NASA, the current asteroid count is 1,351,400, with most of them revolving around the Sun in … Read more

Asteroid to pass Earth by just 721,000 km today, reveals NASA; Know how big it is

The first day of April is set to get a celestial visitor in the form of an asteroid. With the help of its advanced ground and space-based telescopes, NASA has shed light on an asteroid that has been observed travelling in its orbit, with a trajectory that will bring it close to Earth today, April … Read more

Three asteroids may fly past Earth today, reveals NASA; Check speed, size, distance and more

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory continuously provide details of asteroid approaches. Yesterday, on March 28, it predicted three asteroids to pass Earth very close to it. Today, another batch of asteroids is on its way and is set to pass our planet. Keeping track of celestial objects such as asteroids and comets is necessary to protect … Read more

NASA says three asteroids will pass Earth by a close margin today; Check speed, size and more

Just yesterday, 3 asteroids passed Earth by a close margin. While none of them were considered “Potentially Hazardous Asteroids”, the biggest of them was 150 feet wide, making it almost as big as an aircraft. Such close approaches by celestial objects such as asteroids and comets serve as a reminder of the dangerous potential they … Read more

150-foot asteroid to pass Earth by a narrow margin today, says NASA; Check details

Earth has been impacted by multiple celestial phenomena in the last few weeks. Along with the vernal equinox, the peak of the solar cycle 25 is approaching which has led to increased solar activity. Additionally, we’ve also seen numerous asteroid approaches. While these space rocks do not pose a danger like solar storms, they pass … Read more

Two asteroids set to fly past Earth soon, reveals NASA; From size to speed, know all about them

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen asteroids pass by Earth on multiple occasions. Although these space rocks revolve around the Sun in their own orbit, interaction with a planet’s gravitational field can knock them off course and bring them closer to Earth, as per NASA. These encounters can knock asteroids out of the main … Read more

Gigantic 420-foot asteroid to pass Earth soon, reveals NASA; Know how close it will come

Asteroids have been passing by Earth in abundance. Just a few days ago, as many as four space rocks flew past Earth in one day. While most of these asteroids that pass by Earth closely do not pose any threat to life and property, it is still imperative to track them to minimize the uncertainties … Read more

60-foot asteroid to pass Earth by 1.03 mn km, reveals NASA; Know how fast it is approaching

NASA says as many as four asteroids passed Earth yesterday, with the biggest of them being nearly 140 feet wide, which is comparable to an aircraft in size. These close approaches by Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) like asteroids serve as a reminder of the constant threat posed by celestial objects and why it is crucial to … Read more