Soda + Ice Cream = Bliss: 5 Tips To Make Your Own Ice Cream Float At Home

Addictive and delicious, the ice cream float is a classic chilled beverage that can be paired with anything. Several big fast-food brands serve this amazing beverage, which is how it has again become trendy. According to legend, the ice cream float was invented in Pennsylvania in 1874 by a man named Robert McCay Green. There is something amazingly satisfying about the creamy texture of ice cream combined with the fizzy taste of soda. But the best thing about this beverage is that you don’t have to go out to enjoy its flavour. Ice cream floats can be made at home with the right approach and some creativity, and you can easily alter its taste to your preference. If you love ice cream floats and want to make one at home, then fret not! With these easy-to-follow tips, you can ace the art of making the most perfect ice cream floats at home.

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Use high-quality ice cream while making your ice cream float.

Use high-quality ice cream while making your ice cream float.
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Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Make Ice Cream Floats At Home:

1. Choose The Right Ingredients

To make the perfect ice cream float at home, you will have to use high-quality ingredients. Choose ice cream and soda flavours that complement each other well. Classic combinations include vanilla ice cream with cola or root beer and chocolate ice cream. However, feel free to experiment with different flavours and sodas. Opt for sodas with stronger tastes for best results.

2. Chill Glasses Before Use

To achieve the perfect amount of cold and chill from your beverage, chill glasses. Choose the right type of glasses and chill them for at least 20 minutes. This would not just ensure that your ice cream float stays cold for longer but also prevent premature melting of ice cream. The lower the temperature, the more stable your ice cream floats become.

3. Use An Ice Cream Scooper

Presentation is everything. If you use your regular spoon to scoop out the ice cream, it would make your ice cream float super messy. Instead, opt for an ice cream scooper to create perfect round and consistent scoops. For easier scooping, dip the scooper in warm water before every use. Also, make sure that the ice cream is firm but not too much. This would make scooping better, and the ice cream will hold its shape better in the soda.

Pour soda gradually to allow overflowing of your ice cream float.

Pour soda gradually to allow overflowing of your ice cream float.
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4. Pour Soda Carefully

To minimise fizz and prevent overflowing, slowly pour the soda over the scooped ice cream. Tilt the glass slightly while pouring to control the amount of soda. Also, make sure to add the soda gradually and not all at once. This would also prevent the scooped ice cream from losing its shape.

5. Garnish For Extra Goodness

While ice cream floats taste well just as they are, you can add extra ingredients on top to make them yummier. Garnish your ice cream float with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or even a cherry. Also, be mindful of serving this immediately so that the ingredients don’t begin to melt!

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Do you love ice cream floats? What is your favourite combination? Let us know in the comments below!

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