Singular slaps $1.67 billion AI patent infringement case against Google

Google has been in the spotlight ever since the anti-trust case was first highlighted. Now, a new case has been filed against the tech giant. A Massachusetts-based company called Singular Computing has filed a $1.67 billion case against Google for stealing their patented AI technology on Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). While the case has been logged, Google says that they have developed their processor independently, while Singular Computing had many flaws in their technology. Know more about the ongoing case here.

Google accused of stealing patented AI

According to an Android Police report, the lawsuit says that Google took ideas from Singluar’s patented technology for their AI-based processors. It claims that the companies had several interactions for sharing ideas which also included discussions with Singular founder Joseph Bates between 2010 and 2014. Based on the interactions and Google’s new AI processor, the Massachusetts-based company sued Google for stealing their patented AI technology to develop AI features.

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Google lawyer Robert Van Nest claims that the chipset team never met with Singular founder and that the company reached out itself to share ideas and design. Nest quoted Singular Computing as “a disappointed inventor” as they have also reached out to companies like Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI. Additionally, the lawyer reported that Google’s AI chipset is quite different than what Singular’s patents are saying.

It is reported that Google’s pretrial documents showed $7 billion worth of damages, however, Singular’s lawyers are seeking $1.67 billion during the trial. It is alleged by Singular that the chipset’s TPU which is used to carry AI features for Search, Gmail, Translate, and others has been made with Singular’s patented AI technology. Now, it is expected that the trial could go on for weeks, making it another big case for Google to fight. Singular lawyers have also shown several emails between the companies that claim that Singular’s tech was highly compatible with Google.

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