Shreyas Iyer Makes ‘Presence’ Felt In India’s Medal Tradition After England Series Win. Watch

Watch: Shreyas Iyer Makes Presence Felt In Indias Medal Tradition After England Series Win

Team India continued their fielding award tradition© X (formerly Twitter)

The Indian cricket team continued their tradition of giving out ‘fielding awards’ to top performers after the series win over England with Shreyas Iyer finding a special mention from fielding coach T Dilip. Iyer played the first two Tests of the five-match series but was left out of the squad for the rest of the matches and he was also excluded from the BCCI central contracts list. In a video posted by BCCI on social media, T Dilip was seen praising the Indian cricket team players for their brilliant fielding performances and added that Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill will be sharing one medal.

“Now I want to recognize the collective efforts that lit up the series. Shreyas is not here but in initial games he was brilliant on the field with his catches and outstanding. He made a lot of difference. Kuldeep was a revelation on the field with his relentless effort. Outstanding effort. And the first time ever I have seen a person coming into the team with short leg said I want to do a short leg and showed that attitude. Terrific. Sarfaraz Khan,” he said.

“Gill, Rohit, Dhruv crucial grabs at important times of match. Showed your reflexes, anticipation played an important role. Excellent stuff, guys. On that note, the first medal and this is the first time ever it was a tough choice to really select between two people because both took equal catches. So the first time ever we are sharing the award and the first impact fielder award goes to Gill and Rohit.”

The other medal called the ‘relentless award’ was given to spinner Kuldeep Yadav for ‘running around from fine leg to fine leg’ and contributing to the team’s superlative fielding effort.

“And lastly our new award which is for the relentless award. And this is a great opportunity for all the people who feel that they are not at the hotspots but still they can make a  difference. I think this award goes to person who has been running around from fine leg to fine leg helping our team with the strategy. Mr. Kuldeep Yadav.”

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