“Selling Diabetes”: Internet On Video Of Waffle Bhel In Surat With 26 Million Views

There is no doubt that chefs and home cooks alike love getting creative with food, mixing and matching flavours for exciting combos. From quirky snacks to unexpected pairings, it is all about having fun in the kitchen and discovering delicious surprises. We all love the classic bhel puri, but have you ever taken a stroll on the wild side with “waffle bhel”? Recently, a food vlogger posted a video on Instagram showing a street vendor making this unique dish. What makes the dish different is that the vendor swapped the traditional ingredients like puffed rice, spices, and chickpeas for waffles, chocolate syrup, and more, creating a whole new dish. “Waffle Bhel in Surat,” the caption reads. 

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The video starts with a woman making waffles. She cuts them into pieces and adds chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinkles, choco chips, grated chocolate, and biscuit pieces. Finally, she tops it off with ice cream and more chocolate syrup, before serving it up to the vlogger filming. She stated that the waffle is priced at Rs 100, and Rs 130 with ice cream.

Take a look: 

The video has gone viral with over 26 million views, and the comments reflected a mix of opinions. 

One user remarked, “This is not bhel, it’s just waffles.” 

Another user joked, “The first bite will taste like heaven, and the second will take you there.”

A third commentator said, “She is surviving because people are eating such food… God save them from diabetes.” 

Someone agreed, stating, “She is selling diabetes,” while another user added, “50 shades of diabetes!!”

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One user wrote, “Why didn’t she add some sugar syrup to it? This looks incomplete,” and “You forgot to add extra honey and sugar on top.” 

A disappointed food lover shared, “I am a big fan of desserts, but this just made me lose my appetite.” 

Someone quipped, “Thank God, bhel bol kar sev nahi dala [you did not add sev to this.]”

What do you think about the waffle bhel?

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